Selasa, 08 Desember 2009

Ford rank number one on J.D. Power and Associate's 2009 navigation system survey

Not only does Ford rank number one on J.D. Power and Associate's 2009 navigation system survey, it ranks number two as well. The top ranking system, according to Power's study, is the one found in the Lincoln MKS, followed by a nearly identical system (if not 100% identical) in the Ford Flex. And get this, Ford took down five of the top ten spots with the F-150 coming in fourth and the Escape and Edge taking seventh and eighth place, respectively.

To anyone that's driven a modern Sync-equipped Ford with navigation, these survey results probably won't come as any sort of shock, as FoMoCo has been making some of the best systems in the business ever since they released Sync with Sirius Travel Link. Here's what Ford user interface design engineer Jason Johnson had to tell us about why Ford got ranked tops:
"I think what really makes our system stand out is the fact it's designed with the user in mind. Yes, it has all the features you'd expect from a high-level navigation system -- the 3-D maps, the digital jukebox, the customizable home screens, and of course we pride ourselves on SYNC and SIRIUS Travel Link -- but it's more than that. This system is easy to use. It's intuitive. The buttons are where you'd expect them to be, the grouping is logical and the graphics are bright and easy to read. Everything is integrated, so it all works together, simply and easily."
Non-Ford top ten nav-system finishers include the Acura TL (third), Porsche 911 (fifth), Cadillac CTS (sixth), Hyundai Genesis (ninth) and Infiniti FX-series (tenth). Interestingly, Ford is the only non-luxury/premium brand to make it into the top ten. If you were wondering, seven of the bottom ten nav-systems were made by Toyota, with the Avalon finishing dead last. Complete results list and official press release available after the jump.

Danica Patrick NASCAR Nationwide Series team in 2010

More Danica Patrick news and this time, it's actually racing related. Last week came a report that Ms. Patrick had inked a multi-year deal with the recently restructured Andretti Autosport, putting to rest the rumors that the sometime-swimsuit model was headed to NASCAR. Well, Sporting News is now reporting that the gun might have been jumped on that conclusion. It seems that the GoDaddy pitchwoman is about to announce a deal to drive for Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s NASCAR Nationwide Series team in 2010.

SN is reporting that Danica will run the full IndyCar calendar and a limited Nationwide schedule, with GoDaddy sponsoring her stock car. According to the GoDaddy website, the formal announcement will come at 1 PM ET Tuesday, December 8. We'll be sure to watch for that announcement and update as needed.

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