Selasa, 31 Maret 2009

Nissan Qazana Car News - BBC Top Gear

Nissan has released today the first Nissan Qazana teaser image showing a headlight of the show car that will be premiered at this year's Geneva Motor Show. The Nissan Qazana previews a new compact model that will be built at the company's Sunderland plant from 2010. The company describes the Nissan Qazana as being a five-door small Crossover. The press release also mentions that the Nissan Qazana will feature suicide doors. Nissan Qazana teaser Gallery: Nissan Qazana teaser

The Nissan Qazana has been designed in Britain and represents a 57 million pounds investment that will create around 1,100 jobs.

The Nissan Qazana price has not been announced yet.
Nissan Press Release:

Qazana Show Car

The star of the Nissan stand will be Qazana, a show car providing a good indication of the, as yet unnamed, compact car that will be produced at the Nissan Sunderland plant from 2010, safeguarding around 1,100 jobs.
Best described as a small Crossover, Qazana has been conceived to challenge conventional wisdom about what buyers of small five-door cars should expect.

The striking design is dominated by large, wide wheel arches and a lower shape which gives a feeling of strength, while the upper body is dynamic, assertive and sporty. Qazana is a five-door, with the rear doors opening forwards once the front doors have been opened, in the style of ‘suicide doors’.

Qazana will reinforce Nissan’s position as a Nissan Qazana teaser Gallery: Nissan Qazana teaser
pioneer of Crossovers, building on the success of Qashqai and the recently introduced Qashqai+2.

Trial builds of the production car will begin in early 2010 before its introduction on the Micra/Note line. There it will take up manufacturing capacity created when production of the current version of Micra ends later that same year.

The new model has been designed and developed in the UK and represents around £57m of investment.
Its arrival takes the total investment by Nissan in the Sunderland plant to around £2.5b since 1984.

Trevor Mann, Nissan Senior Vice President for Manufacturing in Europe, commented: “The difficulties currently facing the car industry have been widely documented, and Nissan has not been immune. As a result we have had to make some difficult decisions, but the reason we have done so is to secure a long and positive future for the plant. Qazana points the way to that future and gives an indication of the unique and exciting car we will be producing in Sunderland next year.”

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