Jumat, 06 November 2009

Rev for iPhone reaches 2.0, includes data-logging [w/ VIDEO]

Since there are approximately one trillion iPhones in the world and about ten-times as many apps, it's not hard to find a program to suit your needs. But in the automotive sphere, there aren't nearly as many quality applications and even fewer that can deliver the information most gearheads crave. Thankfully, DevToaster has answered the call with Rev, and putting out the 2.0 release of its popular diagnostic and performance program.

In addition to offering code-reading and clearing features, along with OBD metrics for everything from coolant temp to throttle position (full features here), Rev includes built-in metrics for lateral and forward acceleration to calculate horsepower and torque, saved vehicles, GPS tracking and data-logging. In a bid to make the program more user friendly on the fly, it's reworked its interface to make it easier to edit the visual representations for the virtual (and customizable) gauges and graphs.

Although it's $39.99 App Store price seems like a deal considering its capabilities, the steep price of the company's wireless OBD-II controller ($149.99, pictured at right) is slightly harder to swallow. However, DevToaster is working on bringing the cost of the unit down in the near future and hopes to bring out both a series of "fun," "green" utilities and has talked with Google about developing a version for Android phones. Look for a full review of the 2.0 software soon.

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