Rabu, 02 Juni 2010

Das neue Motorrad

Germany's "new motorcycle" – Click above for high-res image gallery

Emerging from behind a veil of secrecy, we were recently introduced to a new motorcycle manufacturer based out of the über cool home of Oktoberfest. With the promise of German engineering galore, this little-known company seems to have an heir of legitimacy behind them thus far. After all, it would seem that the country largely believed responsible for the "birth of the motorcycle" would have more than a single marquee brand in cycles, adding diversity to the current state of Roundel dominance in Bavaria.

Das Neue Motorrad – meaning "the new motorcycle" – is the only name identifying the company at this time, embodying a statement while providing a title in one swoop. The road leading to the bike's official worldwide release has been marked out by breadcrumbs in the form of small bits of information being released in five stages... until finally, on June 15, it will be unleashed on the masses. What little bit we do know is that the project has been years in the making, and was birthed from an unlikely collaboration between riding enthusiasts with a vision for greatness.

The most recent tidbit of news centers on the bike's proposed powerplant. Addressing the speculation of electric motivation, the company says its design is based on "a very efficient combustion platform," even indicating multiple cylinders but leaving the exact number as a mystery for now. Added to this was the promise, "Our engine concept is based on one currently found nowhere in the motorcycle world." We cannot help but be left with an almost giddy anticipation, coupled with the potential to be thoroughly disappointed if this claim is not substantiated. Stay tuned for updates as the countdown progresses and "the new motorcycle" comes to life.

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